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Baccarat – Viable Investment Strategies

We offer three levels of education each dependent upon your personal gambling activities.

For gamers who like to play periodically (on vacation or the occasional trip to a local casino) or for those who like to test the waters before committing, we recommend our online Baccarat Player training program. This 2-part webinar teaches you the basics of our winning strategies and how to apply them as we take you through a number of Baccarat shoes.

As a BAC PLAYER you will be amazed at how many winning betting scenarios you’ll run into in a Baccarat shoe and delighted at how often you can leave the casino with money in your pocket!

For the frequent gamer or professional player, who would like to realize a more consistent approach to winning at Baccarat including being more actively involved in the betting process as you progress through the shoe, then this is the training program for you.

This intensive 2-day Las Vegas workshop (limited to 20 participants) is our premier training program designed to teach all aspects of our multi-facetted approach to winning at Baccarat. Our hands-on sessions will take you through all of the theory behind our strategies, through dozens of practice shoes and real time casino action followed by a critical analysis of your games, in other words, all the tools needed to continuously hone your skills as a BAC PRO.
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Perfection comes with practice, diligence and knowing that the tools work. For those that would like to shorten the runway to reach this level of gaming comfort we offer an internship based program. The duration of participation in this program is up to you. You’ll know when that time comes.

This is a truly interactive program wherein you can converse with other BAC players online who are in the same program, upload Baccarat shoes for others to play and compare notes with, get ongoing coaching support by email, phone or in person, attend free instruction webinars and phone conferences and meet up with us or others in the program at a casino for a night of playing.
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To qualify for the BAC Master’s program, you must be a Workshop graduate or pass an online Baccarat skill testing procedure.

BAC Master grads are eligible to become trainers and deliver live (paid) workshops upon successful completion of a series of qualifying steps.

To have one of our staff contact you (no high-pressure sales) to explain the details, answer questions and book your attendance at our next seminar, [CLICK HERE].

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