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JT Enterprises: The partnership was formed simply to create a platform which could be used to help others learn what John and Terry had discovered, the San Soo - VIS Baccarat program. Both John and Terry come from an investment background and quickly saw the possibilities in approching a gaming opportunity from that point of view and that's just how the people at San Soo Gaming felt. Below, some background on the partners:

John McCarthy

John is not a gambler. He has no prior gaming experience. With over 35 years in the financial and commercial real estate industries, he brings a unique talent and viewpoint to the gaming business – gaming as an investment!

Investments are based on sound financial principals including a working knowledge of the asset being purchased (in this case a Baccarat shoe), a reasonable rate of return based on the history of the asset (research + past performance + existing betting strategies) and an exit strategy if the asset fails to perform satisfactorily and thus minimum exposure to the investment capital.

John was introduced to Baccarat by Terry Vaughan who already had a viable approach to the game, through his connections at San Soo Gaming, but knew there was room for improvement.

John’s analytical approach to the game of Baccarat included wading through volumes of mathematical research to isolate the really key factors upon which an investor should base strategic betting decisions. Although Baccarat is a 50/50 game, each shoe has a trend or series of trends uniquely different from every other shoe.

So, being practical John felt it was important to research all possible betting opportunities within a Baccarat shoe and to develop betting strategies for each opportunity found. And, being a conservative investor, John wanted to work out investment strategies that would minimize the risk to a player’s bank roll. This, then, left out utilizing potentially and costly negative progressions to weather rough betting segments. All new ideas had to work within the San Soo VIS framework.

John and Terry worked on this for some months and eventually isolated a number of “viable” betting strategies any number of which can be found in almost every Baccarat shoe. On a few occasions, after playing a couple of very rough shoes (they do happen), John’s bank roll was getting low, so he rolled up sleeves and really put the San Soo tools to the test and low and behold was able to revert the losses and rebuild the bank roll – the final stage in John’s trust as a Baccarat investor!

After months of testing and tweaking strategies and seeing consistent returns, John finally became a true Baccarat investor and now enjoys an almost daily routine of visiting a casino for two hours to collect his 50% to 100% investment returns.

The most important thing to John was to ensure that the strategies are easily learned and applied and so a combining of the San Soo Structure resulted in a book of Viable Baccarat Strategies. Thus the San Soo - VIS Baccarat program was born.

Terry Vaughan

Terry is originally from Tucson, Arizona. After attending the University of Arizona, he joined the US Army in 1965 as an enlisted man. He became a member of the prestigious Green Berets, completed OCS and rejoined Special Forces as a commissioned officer in South Vietnam (SOG, CCN). Upon returning from combat duty in South Vietnam and completing his service in 1970, at the rank of Captain, he took the same intelligence and zeal to the business world and real estate market.

During the early, 1970’s Terry found the famous “Beat the Dealer” book on blackjack and learned to count cards. After realizing there was more to the game, Terry finally connected with the “JPE” group of “Advantage Players’ and learned to play blackjack at a professional level. He became so skilled, he was asked by the JPE group to contribute to the Advanced Blackjack Course.

Terry went on to become equally skilled at Craps and Roulette. He participated in many successful Team Play projects and has shared his knowledge at many seminars teaching advantage play. He is the inventor of the “Red Dog Grind”, an advanced Craps playing strategy. Terry’s casino “aka” is “Red Dog”.

Terry teamed up with fellow investor John McCarthy to develop "BAC - Viable Investment Strategies" and together they continue to improve the investment aspect of Baccarat and other Casino opportunities.

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